How to Sell Your House Fast

Ask any realtor and they’ll tell you: houses that sell within the first five weeks of their listing are most likely to fetch their asking price. The longer your house lingers on the real estate listings, the more pressure you’ll feel to knock the price down – and the less likely it is to sell without some incentives from you, the home seller. Even if you don’t have to sell your house fast, it’s the best way of getting the price that you want for it. Put your home sale on the fast track with these tips and tricks from professional Realtors.

Find a Realtor
Your best option for selling quickly is to give the job to a professional, and let their experience guide you. A realtor knows all the ins and outs, as well as what selling strategies work best in your area. They can help you set the right selling price for your property (which is the second most commonly offered piece of advice to help your home sell quickly), offer concrete suggestions for improving the chances of a sale, hook your home into the Multiple Listing Service, and guide you through every step of the selling process.

Choose your Realtor carefully, and accept their advice. Aaron knows what will sell your house.  A good Realtor will suggest most of the house sell tips listed below – tips that you can follow with or without the help of a realtor.

Set The Right Price
Every Realtor asked said that the most important factor in selling a home quickly was to price it right. Further, the most common mistake sellers make is pricing too high. Experienced real estate agents strongly suggest starting from the average price in your area and working from there, rather than starting with your desired net gain. Your best gauge to determine the right selling price for your home is the recent selling prices of similar homes in your neighborhood. Your realtor is the best source of those prices – they have insider access, after all.

If you’re not using a real estate agent, you can still check recent sales listings through online home valuation service, your local registry of deeds, and other sources. Figure in the condition of your house, additions or special circumstances, but don’t expect to sell for much more than the average price in your neighborhood.

Make the House Sparkle

There are a number of things you can do to make your property more appealing, and they should be done before you start showing it – and this is called home staging. ‘Staging’ has been known to make home sell faster. The key is being sure that your house looks its very best from the start. Now is the time to make needed repairs. If it needs sprucing up, get that done first. Fresh paint, trimmed bushes, mowed lawns and immaculate cleanliness are all important factors in making your home attractive and saleable.

After Listing, Keep The House Immaculate

Be ready to show the house at a moment’s notice. Make sure you pack up the junk and rent a storage unit as clutter and junk will erode the potential equity your house will bring. If there are too much ‘junk’ in a room it makes the room look smaller and distracts the buyer’s attention. Perform a thorough house cleaning. Make the windows shine and wipe down the baseboards. Keep the sink empty and wiped, and make sure that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. Don’t forget to eradicate unpleasant odors. It’s important that your house should look as close to move-in condition as possible – all the time!

Fade Into The Background
When the house is being shown, be as unobtrusive as possible. If you’ve contracted with a Realtor let him or her do the selling,  give the prospective buyers plenty of ‘alone time’ to explore and kick the tires.

Offer Incentives To Make The Asking Price More Attractive
Got a buyer that just loves the house, but needs a little extra boost to make the commitment? There are a number of incentives you can offer as an alternative to lowering your asking price. This is another place that a good realtor can make valuable suggestions based on their own experience. An offer to cover buyer closing costs, for instance, can bring the up-front expenses of buying your home into range for a first-time buyer struggling to meet a down payment, points and closing costs (read the tips to sell your house in a cooling market here).

Other common incentives include a ‘decorating allowance’ or including household items and appliances in the purchase price.

Take Advantage Of Employer Help If It’s Available
If you’re relocating for work, check your company’s relocation assistance plan. Some may cover the cost of long-distance selling, or even purchase the home and resell it, depending on the circumstances.


Short Sale

lately as a result of the volatility in the markets and  uncertain jobs and economic climates short sales have become increasingly popular.